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The Best Hostels in Barcelona Near Airport El Prat

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona, Spain, but need a place to stay near the El Prat airport because you only have one or two days? Do you want to know which are the best hostels near Barcelona airport El Prat (BCN)?

Barcelona is a large Western European city, so it may not be the cheapest place to visit when compared to bargains like Krakow or Budapest. However, visiting here does not have to be prohibitively expensive, and I will show you how to plan a brief but memorable stay.

This guide contains useful information on the best backpacker hostels near Barcelona El Prat airport (we also have a complete guide for Amsterdam, in case you are landing there).

But don’t forget about the other suggestions we have! So let’s begin.

Is it worth going to Barcelona?

If you’ve never visited Barcelona, you may be thinking if it’s worth your time.

In this part, I’ll explain why it’s worthwhile! (However, I once had my glasses stolen while strolling along La Rambla, so be careful.)

The city’s temperature is nice, making it perfect for a sunny holiday. Barcelona boasts a year-round average of 2,524 hours of sunlight, making it perfect for lounging on the beach. In Barcelona, I just visited one beach, Barceloneta. Although it was good, locals advised me that there were better choices available.

Two of the easiest ways to arrive in Barcelona (if your country does not have flights directly to there or Madrid) are via AMS Airport in Amsterdam (a city that also has its own attractions) or the FRA Airport in Frankfurt, the German financial center that has some of the best hostels in Europe, and from these cities take a low-cost flight.

There’s much to see and do in the city whether you’re here for a weekend or a week. Whether you’re planning a family trip or a romantic visit, Barcelona is guaranteed to wow.

The Sagrada Familia, the city’s most famous monument, as well as the city’s famed football club, are both worth visiting. The City Pass gives you discounted entrance to museums and attractions all across town.

The city’s public transit system is incredibly efficient, making it simple to explore and traverse the city. You may go from one area to another by taking a brief bus journey, which will provide you with a pleasant respite. Barcelona has a thriving nightlife scene as well as a varied selection of cultural events.

Exploring the city’s seashore is another must-do activity for a great vacation. Costa Brava is a stunning coastline approximately a half-hour drive from Barcelona. It’s worthwhile to spend a day or two touring the city, and kayaks may be rented.
Alternatively, if you’re uncertain about the logistics, go with one of the numerous well-reviewed tour operators.

From Barcelona, some not-so-far cities that can be included on your route are Bruges in Belgium, also known as Venice of the North; Lisbon, the capital of neighboring Portugal; and Madrid, a city with some rivalry with Barcelona but with a completely different atmosphere.

How much time should you spend in Barcelona?

A good public transportation system allows you to easily explore the city. However, you should plan your trip around a few major attractions. Begin your day by exploring the Gothic Quarter, which features both the Barcelona History Museum and the Grand Royal Palace, as well as winding narrow streets and shops.

Four days are enough to see the major sights and walk around Las Ramblas. A four-day stay in Barcelona also allows you to sample local cuisine and experience a bit of the city’s distinct lifestyle. With extra time, you can also visit the Costa Brava, or Montserrat.

We also recommend trying many of the free city tours (also called walking tours) offered in the city center, since they are often guided by students that have good knowledge about the city and they only ask for a tip after the tour.


Spend a day on Montjuic Hill to get the most out of your Barcelona trip. This part of town is rich in history and natural beauty. This hill hosted exciting new developments in the 1920s, including the 1929 International Fair. It is now one of the city’s most beautiful areas.

The 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition was held on Montjuic Hill. Barcelona hosted the Worlds Expo for the second time. Montjuic was chosen for its size. Construction began in 1929 after years of planning. Montjuic was designed by modernist Josep Puig I Cadafalch. The Exposition was postponed due to World War I. Constructed for the 1929 event, the funicular offers a scenic view of the city

Park Guell

In the summer, the city is crowded. March and April are mild, sunny, and less touristy. March was a great month to visit Barcelona, with no waits at restaurants or tapas bars and plenty of time to see the city’s highlights. You can also visit one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, the famous Parc Guell. You can cycle around the city or rent a bike to explore the park. Just be aware that you should buy the ticket first or face often long lines.

Here you can check some remarkable tours of Park Guell that will allow you to skip the line.


If you’re spending a day in Barcelona, you must spend an afternoon in the Boqueria market. Every day of the week, the market is open before lunch, when more stalls are open and prices are lower. If you don’t have time to go alone, book a guided tour to learn about Catalan cuisine. Tours of the market include food preparation and tasting demonstrations, so you can get a true taste of Barcelona.

If you have time, visit several of the city’s food markets. Barcelona has nearly 40 markets, including La Boqueria. These markets sell fresh ingredients, prepared meals, and snacks. For centuries, these places have fed the city. Tourists love the city’s food markets, but so do locals.

The Best Hostel near Barcelona Airport (The Top 2 in 2022)

Picture of Barcelona to illustrate article about The Best Hostels Near Barcelona
Check The Best Hostels Near Barcelona just in the next paragraphs

Ps: when we say that these hostels are close to the airport, more than geographically close, we mean in a sense of time. While on a map they may look far, you can easily travel to and from the El Prat airport to them by public transport.

Most hostels in Barcelona will not offer things like free breakfast, but you can often buy it for really small prices (as low as €3). In a good hostel like those listed below, you can expect friendly staff, free city maps, free lockers and luggage storage, and free wifi. Some hostels even have an free sangria!

Below are the 3 best hostels. No matter if you are looking for a laidback, relaxed place or a party hostel, there will be a good choice for you.

Rodamon Hostel

Located just 20 minute walk from the center of Barcelona, Rodamon Hostel offers a summer terrace and shared lounge. It is located near Casa Mila and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Within walking distance are several dining options, including the Italian Ristorante Margherita. The air-conditioned rooms feature single and bunk beds and have shared bathrooms. The hostel also offers a 24-hour vending machine for snacks and drinks.

You can reach El Prat in 45 minutes by public transport.

Here you can check the prices or book a place at Rodamon Hostel.

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

By public transport, this lively hostel is less than 45 minutes from Barcelona El Prat Airport. It is easy to reach by car or metro, since the hostel is 120 meters from the Girona metro station.

Guests can use the onsite kitchenette to prepare their own meals. It is also near the Metro Tetuan stop, which is within 5 minutes of walking distance. The hostel also offers bike rental (and Barcelona is very bike-friendly). Guests can enjoy the city’s nightlife and local cuisine while staying at this hostel.

Located near the Placa de Catalunya, this hostel offers free WiFi throughout. You can walk to popular tourist attractions from the hostel. The Arc de Triunfo and the Casa Batllo Apartments are just a few minutes away. Other amenities at the hostel include a 24-hour fully equipped kitchen, cable TV with 200 channels, free Wi-Fi, and computers. You can also enjoy local Spanish snacks in the communal kitchen. This hostel also offers bike rental.

Here you can check the prices or book a place at Mediterranean Youth Hostel.

Other hostels close to Barcelona city centre that are worth checking

These are some other good hostels that you also may check if you are visiting Barcelona.

  • Hostel One Paralelo – Considered by many the best party hostel in Barcelona, they also offer free dinner one time per week and are a favorite of solo travelers.
  • Sant Jordi Hostels Gracia – A cool hostel bicycle-themed.
  • Kabul Party Hostel – Another famous name among the party hostels in the city, they often host nightly events and DJ parties. Their lounge has a pool table.
  • Pars Teatro Hostel
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How much is a hostel in Barcelona?

Picture of Barcelona during the day
Barcelona has some really interesting options for good hostels or budget accommodations

On average, a guest will pay for a bed between 20 to 30 euros during the low season and 30 to 40 euros during the high season (summer) for a room in some of the many decent cheap hostels in the city. A bed in the one of the best hostels in Barcelona may cost slightly more (check above), but not much. Holidays, music festivals, and football matches may result in prices considerably higher during special occasions.

How far is Ibiza from Barcelona?

Ibiza is 526 kilometers from Barcelona, yet the only ways to get there are by boat or plane (it is an island, after all). You can also go swimming… no, rather not 🙂

Flights operated by RyanAir and Vueling Airlines are substantially faster than boats and arrive in less than an hour. If you want to go by ferry, you may do it overnight. Ferries leave Barcelona around 10:00 p.m. and arrive in Ibiza at approximately 7:00 a.m.

To find cheap flights I often use this site.

Does Barcelona have Uber?

Following a two-year hiatus, Uber returned to Barcelona on March 16, 2021, with 350 drivers.

In January 2019, Uber and the Spanish ridesharing startup Cabify ceased their services in Barcelona in response to a government rule that Uber described as “completely incompatible” with its operation.

The restrictions require passengers to reserve the service at least 15 minutes in advance, that vehicles return to base promptly after completing a route, and that on-street parking is prohibited.

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